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Paula Romani

Freelance illustrator and licensing artist. Illustrations with a feel-good vibe.


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Hello, I’m Paula Romani. A freelance illustrator and licensing artist based in vibrant Buenos Aires, I specialize in crafting whimsical pieces that bring a touch of playfulness and delight to audiences around the globe. With a graphic design degree under my belt and extensive experience spanning various international clients, I am well-versed in tailoring my illustrations to meet the unique needs of each project. Whether you’re located in bustling cities like London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Barcelona, or Rome, or tucked away in more secluded corners of the world, we can collaborate effortlessly as if we were in the same room!

My illustrations are designed to lift spirits, Bring emotions, and put smiles on faces – after all, laughter is contagious and has the power to unite us all!  From magazines, books, newspapers, advertisements, and digital media, my work has been featured across numerous countries worldwide.

When not working on client projects, you can find me strolling through the streets of Buenos Aires (or any other city or country I happen to be visiting) with a cappuccino in hand, jotting down sketches and inspiration for fresh illustration ideas. Let’s join forces to create something extraordinary together; your vision combined with my illustration and storytelling skills  will undoubtedly result in something truly remarkable!


If you'd like to contact me to create some illustrations for your special project big or small, just send me an email by clicking the icon below. I'd love hear from you and to create something unique together.